Aiden Arnkels-Webb

Hi! I'm Aiden. I'm a 10+ year enthusiast of IT and experienced business professional. I'm an entrepreneur and geek with a love of solving problems once and for all. I'm passionate about solving technical problems through automation, site reliability engineering principals and sharing knowledge with the world. This passion has led me to build numerous tools throughout my career that take repetitive, time-consuming and inconsistent tasks and turn them into the click of a button. Through all the positions I've held, I've always loved writing scripts and code to accomplish tasks. Starting with the classic Turtle as a child, I enjoyed creating loops to draw patterns. Built some games, including some client-server multiplayer ones, as a teenager in Java and Dark Basic. My tools of choice nowadays are primarily Python and Powershell. I... Work full time at Lumina Technologies as an Operations and Reliability engineer. Freelance as a web designer and manage web hosting at Rootwire. And I run a circus and entertainments company, Steamship Circus!

How to fix SB_BLOCK_NOT_PRESENT error in Veeam

Veeam is failing to back up one of your Hyper-V VM’s and is throwing the error: VHDx:CVhdxDisk.InitialValidation: Invalid bitmap block (all bitmap block of fixed and dynamic disks must be in SB_BLOCK_NOT_PRESENT state) Agent failed to process method {VHDx.GetDiskInformation}